Personal Development & British Airways

Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Personal Development & British Airways. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In writing my report I researched a lot and looked up various data that was available to me. Such resources include Internet websites, publications, newspaper articles, press releases, etc. Because of the researching that I did my research skills improved as I learned where and how to look for information and make use of it. For the research, I mainly depended on the Internet, as I was able to find plenty of reliable information there. I chiefly looked into journal articles and press releases so as to make sure that my findings are accurate and that it would allow me to write a proper, well defined and accurate report.Along with this, my writing skills improved because of the fact that in the presenting of this report I learned how to be specific and to the point, plus how to write a report that would be appealing to the reader. I learned the way data should be put together in order to form an attractive summary of my findings.In order to find out about the problems that British Airways is facing I searched for the issues that concern the company and how they affect it. These issues were first identified and then looked into in detail. They included fuel crisis, terrorism, and SARS. Due to the fuel crisis, high expenses befell British Airways and thus it leads to a rise in the costs. Also, there was a terrorism problem that caused trouble. The September 11 attacks lead to decreased air traffic (Crou, 2002) and thus a loss for British Airways because the people were no longer so comfortable with the thought of traveling by planes. Also, there was then the Afghanistan invasion which also affected the number of flights in a given time period. Apart from this, the SARS issue created disturbance too as it also adversely influenced the air traffic as people were not ready to travel to the affected areas.To combat such problems the British Airways undertook a number of steps. It can also consider merging the company with another airway such as the Iberia. In order to lower the costs of traveling, which have escalated due to high fuel prices, British Airways is creating low weight planes so that they use lesser fuel. Plus, the company can reduce its flights. at least those that do not give enough profits. Other than this, the company brought up the plan of voluntary redundancy (Porter, 2005). British Airways also tried to solve their problems by means of technology (Dobson, 2007). Not all their solutions were successful, as is reported in my project. The lesson is that whatever way they handle a situation, it should be made sure that crisis management is undertaken appropriately and that the problems are solved instead of being augmented. This can be done by going in-depth on the issues and maybe employing experts and professionals who would be able to help with providing a useful solution.The research that I conducted in order to write this report had no ethical issues involved that required my attention.

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