Personnel Survey

Personnel Survey Results Regarding Gender at Adobo The Scenario You work as the director of operations at Adobo, a major technology company. In the tech industry, market conditions are continually evolving. Your goal is to help the company become an industry leader both in operations and corporate culture. You are mindful of the increasing concerns about diversity and inclusion in the tech industry as a whole and are specifically interested in how Adobo stacks up against other companies in its hiring and promotion practices. Last fall, you sent an email to all Adobo employees asking them to answer specific questions about workplace diversity—specifically regarding gender—at your company. The results of the survey have just been compiled and include the following statistics: Adobo personnel are 63 percent male and 36 percent female (1 percent declined to comment). Forty-six percent of supervisors are female. Sixty-eight percent of managers are male. Seventy-four percent of directors are male. Twenty percent of c-suite positions are held by females. To help gauge how Adobo’s numbers in these areas measured up against its competitors, you pulled some data from other leading tech companies and found that females make up 35 percent of Facebook employees, 33 percent of Apple employees, and 26 percent of Microsoft employees. To increase diversity at Adobo, some departments have examined their hiring practices, and some have implemented communication training. Your Task Write a one-page letter using Times New Roman 12-point font in full-block, mixed punctuation format to all Adobo employees sharing the results of the survey. You may want to applaud encouraging strides in gender-related personnel issues, while also remaining transparent about changes that need to be made in this area. You will need to refer to the article, New LeanIn Study: The Broken Rung Keeping Women From Management (Links to an external site.), to explain more about the broken rung, and what it means for gender relations in your company’s practices in the promotion to management. Take the data from the survey to create a graph that highlights this data in a visual way. Use proper labeling of the graphic and its axis so that it can “stand on its own two feet.” You will also want to come up with a strategy, mission, or committee that will best ensure that diversity and inclusion are taken seriously at Adobo at all levels within the company. Add a goodwill close/call to action at the end of your message. Use the following information to create a letterhead: Adobo 12336 Technology Way, Lehi, UT 84996 (801) 555-6233 *View the following video for a great primer on the subject: How the 'Broken Rung' Holds Women Back in the Workplace | NowThis (Links to an external site.) How the 'Broken Rung' Holds Women Back in the Workplace | NowThis *See pages 32–42 for information about how to format the letter styles. Entries will be graded based on the COS rubric on pages 5–7. CHECKLIST Letter does not exceed a page Letter contains a letterhead Letter’s content uses the GDP sequence to organize the information Letter uses full-block, mixed punctuation Microsoft Word’s automatic formatting has been changed to single line spacing with zero before and after spacing Letter contains a graph that highlights the statistical data in a visual way The graph has a title and labels and is explained in the text The letter references the LeanIn Study (no citation required) The letter contains a goodwill close/call to action The letter has been sent to the WSB Writing Lab and has been revised a

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