Planning an Application Server Migration

Compose a 2500 words assignment on planning an application server migration. Needs to be plagiarism free! The remote Desktop services will enable all the users to log in to the server to access and run applications and programs from their desktops. The employees will use the program known as Remote Desktop to access files in the server. They will be able to connect to it from any device and will be able to share their programs, files, data, and applications with any other employee in the server. However, the employees can also be restricted from accessing other users’ data if need be.The Employees will be able to print from their remote desktop servers to local printers located in the servers. This is because the server will be used as a cloud desktop thus providing the following services: Hosting desktops remote users’ access to corporate files and data, Mobile users and Application development (Pivot, 2014).The benefits of the terminal services include making the tasks easier since the programs are installed once on the server instead of being installed in each of the employee’s desktops. Remote desktop application servers are also necessary for programs that use much bandwidth and require substantial processing power (Sutton, 2008). To add on many programs do not perform well when they are accessed from the internet, but they will perform well when hosted with a terminal server as the processing is done centrally in the server, and the user will only see the screen. As a result, any user will have excellent performance even on a dial-up account. Thus, a dial-up user on a hosted terminal server can use the internet as well as access the applications with the speed of high internet access (Menzel, 2006).Servers are controlled environments working throughout the day. Security is also enhanced as there are locked doors, cabinets, and video surveillance. The controlling equipment also controls the moisture content of the air.i. There has to be a full-fidelity user experience to improve the remote user experience.

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