Polyphony in the Middle Ages

Create a thesis and an outline on Polyphony in the Middle Ages. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The first parallel organum was the Musical enchiladas (Musical Handbook) which emerged in 9th century1. Occasionally, two voices in the music began in unison followed by vox organize climbs to its hiatus, receding at the ends of phrases to the unison. This form was followed by the Ad organum facienddum2 .In the 11th century, four other organisms emerged. This includes florid organum, melismatic organum, duplum organum, and organum purum. Dalahoyde notes that the unmeasured melismatic dupum involved the use of long tenure notes. Aquitanian organum of the 11th century which is linked to the French SW ‘Discant organum’ involved the use of two voices falling into a rhythmic style. This style of organum involved 6/8 or sometimes 8/9 fell, singing at the same pace for a passage. Dalahoyde reveals that in the 11th and 12th centuries, the octaves, fourth and fifth were perceived constant but not thirds. He notes that the standard closing sonority was 1-5-8 structure because it involved two perfect intervals3.Notre-Dome is also a style of early organum which came into being in the 12th century. It is derived from the Notre Dame Cathedral which was constructed in 1163. Notre Dame has two parts: organa and several clausulae, motets, and Conductus. In organa, the melody involved the use of long notes with the original part being left free and measured rhythm but with complex melismata. The free melismatic style is used when the original melody of the playing is syllabic in nature. Under discantus style, two parts of the play song move notes by note rhythmically or in forms derived from the music of troubadour. The discantus style is employed especially when playchant is elaborated in lyrical form4.Clausula is another form of Notre Dame Style developed in the 12th and 13th centuries. It is based on small portions of Gregorian chant as opposed to the original which is based on the whole chant.

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