Popular Music

As completely and as thoroughly as you can, please respond to the following questions/requests. Please note that some of these terms derive from your reading assignment.1. What is meant by the term,“cultivated”music?2. What is meant by the term,“vernacular”music?3. What are the two cultures that have influenced American popular musicthe most?4. Please give an overview of the cultivated tradition in early America in the18th and 19th centuries.5. Please give a summary of the life and music of StephenCollinsFoster.Why is he important to American popular music?6. Please give a summary of the life and music of John Philip Sousa.Whyis he important to American popular music?7. Please provide a summary of minstrelsy of the 19th century.8. Please summarize the Blues and its significance to the American popularmusic culture.9. PleasesummarizeJazzmusicanditssignificancetotheAmericanpopular music culture. Include in your discussion New Orleans Jazz andSweet Jazz, Louis Armstrong and Paul Whitman.10.Please provide a summary of Country music. Please include in yourdiscussion The Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers.11.Please provide a summary of Tin Pan Alley.12.Please provide a summary of Big Band/Swing. Please include in yourdiscussion the differences between New Orleans style jazz and BigBand/Swing, as well as the great arrangers of the Big Band era.13.What is Rhythm and Blues? Who is considered to be “The King ofRhythm and Blues?14.What is significant about the song Rocket ‘88’?15.Please discuss the rock band.16.Please summarize and discuss viewing rock, and rock films.17.Please discuss the birth and flowering of rock and roll music. What was itsassociation with Tin Pan Alley? Please explain.18.Please discuss the significance and impact that America’s white youth hadon thepopularity of rhythm and blues/rock and roll music. Also discussthe rise of the youth culture of the 1950s to include youth and rebellion.19.Why is Alan Freed and Cleveland, Ohio significant to the history of rockand roll?20.With regard to this music context (as opposed to our discussions earlierthis semester) what is meant by “crossovers” songs and “cover”songs?21.Please discuss the early crossover artists: Fats Domino, Chuck Berry,and Little Richard.22.Please discuss the significance of Elvis Presley on rock and roll.23.Please summarize rockabilly and the early artist of this genre of music.24.Please summarize The cultural, social and political events of the1960s. How was this decade so different from previous ones?25.Please summarize and discuss the significance of Bob Dylan.26.Please summarize and discuss the significance of Motown.27.Please summarize and discuss the significance of The Beach Boys.28.Please summarize and discuss the significance of Soul Music.29.Please summarize and discuss the significance of Soul Music.30.Please summarize and discuss the significance of Psychedelic music.31.Please SELECT ONE of the following decades, and summarize Thecultural, social, political and music events of the 1970s, or the 1980s,or the 1990s.32.Please summarize the culture and music of Punk Rock and New Wave.Include significant artists in your discussion.33.Please summarize and discuss the significance of MTV. What is a VJ?Who were the first VJs on MTV?34.Please summarize the culture and music of Rap Music. Include significantartists in your discussion.35.As mentioned rap music is now over forty years old, older than rock music was when rap emerged. We are overdue for “the coming thing” in popular music. Can you identify anything that could be viewed as the next great practice of popular music?

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