postmodernism in action

Write a 8 pages paper on postmodern in action. Postmodernism is referred to as post because it defies and negates the theory that there exists a set of important values and it needs and requires the theory and believes in the theory of a reality that overrides everything whether spiritual and it’s in a methodical and systematic way. This is a prerequisite for that vital characteristic known as modern intelligence. However, the drawback of the theory is that it. The philosopher Richard Tarnas has claimed that post-modernism could not stand on its own values ultimately if we take out the metaphysical impressions on which it has shaped itself and it takes modernism as a fake reality.Post-modernism is referred to as post-modern because it literally refers to everything after modernity. It deals with the new theories and the new sets that need to be evolved with the passage of time because the requirements of the new century and the challenges posed by this new are completely different from those that were posed by the previous ones. Thus, there is a vital need for new theories and a new set of ideas to prove and solve the problems that we encounter in the new world.The knowledge in modern societies is signified by the use it has. It’s also different in the way it is collated, gathered, arranged, and stored in postmodern society when compared to modern societies. The use of computers and the role of information technology has increased greatly in the societies of today. It has especially helped in the modes of knowledge that have now changed in terms of distribution and creation and also the way in which it’s used or consumed. For some, post-modernism is synonymous with the start of the computer era that began in the 1960s and revolutionized all aspects of modern life and social life.Patrick Caulfield was a British artist who was an important artist of the last 50 years. He mostly deals with pop artistry like prints and so on. He could be referred to as a postmodern artist because of the characteristics of his art. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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