Principles of Miscarriage

Discuss the epidemiology, assessment, presentation and pre-hospital management principles of miscarriage.   – if you could relate the pre-hospital management to NZ & Australia’s pre-hospital management,  that would be ideal . Please use proper in-text referencing and APA formatting with introduction/body/conclusion. One of the learning outcomes is proper essays presented appropriately. There are 3 learning outcomes to complete in order to pass this assessment Marking Criteria:      – LO1 – Aspects of knowledge of theoretical concepts are explored, discussed and applied/ with evidence of analyses of influences related to context. –  //**and  justified by reasoned argument for application/potential impact to a range of practice situations.   – LO2 – Patient care plans are identified and described and critiqued with appropriate reference to the literature. //** and with evidence of synthesis of a wide range of literature.

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