Process Control in Engineering

1. Applet #9 shows the closed-loop response with PID controller for various order of processes. (No guided tutorial) This applet can select different processes which process parameters can be specified and three PID tuning parameters. If you choose process time constant too large, you cannot see the enough response in a limited time span (Tmax=10). Thus, choose suitable time constant that can show enough response near default value. Also, you can adjust the maximum values of the tuning parameter sliders so that you can change min/max value freely within the range to see the effect of the tuning parameters. (You must enter after modifying the values.) After playing the applet for a while, observe the effect of the PID tuning parameters on polezero location, gain/phase margin change, gain/phase crossover frequency. Then, write a max 3- page report for processes of FOPDT (2/2 Pade) and SOPDT (1/1 Pade). (No figure! Each observation should be listed in a bullet form.   2. Using Applet #2 (advanced mode), select ‘Hard’ for process nature, find the FOPDT model roughly using ‘Open-loop Step Response (MV)’. (Initial steady-state values for MV and PV are both 0.5) Then, find PID tuning parameters using various tuning relations (C-C, ITAE and IMC) and compare the closed-loop step responses. Also, find ultimate gain and period roughly using P-controller by increasing Kc with ‘Unconstrained MV’ selected, and PID tuning parameters with modified ZN method. Then write a max 3-page report on your observation. (Include 2 to 4 figures maximum and discussion in a bullet form.) please refer to this website for the java applet:

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