Production of a TV Fiction Treatment & Evaluation

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Production of a TV Fiction Treatment & Evaluation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Haseena later decided to hire a private tutor for her son and this is where the skills and talents of Azzam were developed.Later after college, Azzam made up his mind to move to New York, in search of greener pastures. Here, he was hosted and employed by his uncle who owned a beauty product organization. For Azzam, New York was a place that was filled with wonder, much of which was not welcomed. The city was full of several people talking and walking helter-skelter and vehicles crisscrossing the roads. Screeching of brakes here, chortled horns there, and a cluttered atmosphere that befuddled Azzam and made him unable to cross the road. He stood at the middle of the road covering his ears with his eyes tightly closed mumbling inaudible words desperately wanting to make it all stop. Simultaneously, the traffic slowly began to form as the impatient drivers continued to shout at him while hooting their vehicles. This further triggered his disorder and he began to shake fervently.Luckily, Aadil, a woman who was watching from a salon saw Azzam’s predicament and came to his rescue. She ushered him into the salon and offered him a seat and glass of water. Slowly, Azzam regained composure and thanked the people in the salon for their assistance. As he was heading for the door, Aadil asked him what his name was. Azzam halted his exit and introduced himself. Concomitantly, he began to market the beauty products that his uncle had employed him to sell. The people at the salon were impressed by the level of Azzam’s honesty and integrity. He, on the other hand, was blown away by the beauty of Aadil now that he took the time to look at her during his presentation. Impressively, several people bought his products and more of them placed requests for orders to be delivered to them. and this was how Azzam met his wife Aadil, who had a son. All was well in Azzam’s life until the contentions of 9/11 occurred.

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