Reflections on Food, Advertisements, and the Brain

Instructions to Learners Now that you have completed the discussion and writing assignment for Module 3, think back to the advertisement you wrote about in your initial discussion post and the neurological functions of eating you learned about in the Module Notes and the assigned readings and viewings. Did the ad you described appeal to your evolutionary desire to consume food purely for fuel or did the ad cause the neurotransmitters in your brain to send a signal that you craved that food purely for pleasure? Next, using the data you have collected in your Food Journal, provide an example of something you ate this week purely for fuel and something you ate purely for pleasure. Your Evolve?post should be at least?150 words?in length?and?should?substantively?integrate the assigned content of the module and draw on what you have learned by going through the course materials?. NOTE: I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE AND SHORT GUT SYNDROME MY DIET IS LIMITED NO WHEAT OATS BARLEY RYE SOY, NO PASTA UNLESS IT IS GLUTEN FREE, NO FRUITS OR VEGETABLES , NOT ALLOWED DAIRY OR MILK (BUT I EAT CHEESE ALL THE TIME AND SUFFER) , I CAN HAVE PROTEINS , (NO TOFU ITS SOY , NO GUM IT HAS SOY) AND I HATE FISH. I EAT PROTEIN solely for fuel and i eat cheese soley for pleasure. or chocolate Please read/watch the following and post below if you have any questions: Read:? Required? Module Notes: Your Brain and Food (Links to an external site.) Jabr, F. (2016). That craving for dessert. (Links to an external site.)Scientific American, 314(1), 23–24. Spence, C., Okajima, K., Cheok, A. D., Petit, O., & Michel, C. (2016). Eating with our eyes: From visual hunger to digital satiation. (Links to an external site.)Brain and Cognition, 110, 53–63. Wenk, G. L. (2015). Neurobiology of feeding. In Your Brain on Food: How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings. (Links to an external site.)Oxford: Oxford University Press, (pp.27-64). Optional Thirumaga, K., Preetha, S., & Devi, R. G. (2018). Unhygienic food and sugar craving: A short review. (Links to an external site.)Drug Invention Today, 10(11), 2270–2272. View:? Required?? Feelings of hunger. (Links to an external site.) (2014). Segment 7 of Memory. Switch International. (3:44 mins). Closed Captioned. The skinny on obesity: Sugar – a sweet addiction (episode 4). (Links to an external site.)(2012). (7:14 mins). Closed Captioned. Maracle, A. (2017, March 1). Society’s sweet tooth: The brain’s response to sugar. (Links to an external site.) TEDx Talks. (13:00 mins). Closed Captioned. Weekly Wrap Up In completing Module 3, you learned about the brain’s response to fat and sugar and how we respond to those cravings. You were able to discuss food advertisements and how advertisers target us with ads for unhealthy foods that our brains tell us we need. In the next module, we will focus on childhood obesity and discuss the reasons for the increased rate of obese children in the United STATES References

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