Rural Culture

In this assignment students are expected to collect and analyze data about rural individuals, families, and groups in order to better understand rural culture related to these groups as well as rural stereotypes. Students will need to collect information about the way in which rural individuals, families, and or groups approach or cope with daily living. For example, issues related to social relationships, economics, employment, education, birth or death, illness, faith, culture, heritage, and traditions would be appropriate. This information may be collected in various ways from either primary or secondary sources. Information may be collected by direct interview with rural residents, interviews with social workers who work with a rural population, by analyzing rural music, analyzing literature about rural people, analyzing movies or TV shows about rural people. In order to get sufficient data for this assignment, choose at least 2 of the following options: At least 3 interviews with rural people or social workers. Analysis of rural music should include at least 4 songs from at least 4 artists. (Country, western, blues, bluegrass, folk, or traditional music are all ok.) Analysis of literature should include at least 2 poems, 2 short stories, or 1 novel. Analysis of film or TV should include at least 3 different sources. (Three episodes of the same TV show are not acceptable.) Other (if you have another idea, contact me for approval) When the information has been collected, 3 distinct themes related to rural life should be identified. These themes may relate to behaviors, values, or beliefs. One these themes have been identified, they should be linked to references in the literature that support these themes (minimum of 4 scholarly references). References may be from social work or the social, behavioral or biological sciences. There must be a minimum of two references that support each theme. Once this data is collected and analyzed, the student should write a 5-7 page paper, appropriate for presentation to an audience of professional social workers, to explain what they have found. References should be cited appropriately using APA style. The paper should include an introduction that briefly outlines the paper and its purpose. A conclusion should also be present and summarize the key message of the paper. The rubric below should be reviewed prior to writing and submitting your assignment.

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