Scientific Communication

A very important part of any scientific discipline is being able to communicate technical information in a clear, concise, and academically rigorous manner. This includes being able to research information that is relevant to a topic and write about what you learned in a way that is easily understood by a wide variety of readers. In this assignment you will describe a chemical reaction that you personally routinely encounter. Examples would include reactions that occur during cleaning, in the garden, are health and beauty related, are related to your car, to hobbies, or even reactions that occur within the body. Just choose a topic that interests you! Since this assignment is focused on being able to communicate a scientific process properly and clearly, the format can be either APA style or MLA style. Purdue Owl is a great resource for either one of these two styles. Your essay should also be: ▪  3-5pagesinlength ▪  Doublespaced(2.0spacingoption) ▪  ContainproperEnglish,spelling,andgrammar ▪  Have both proper in text citations and a work cited page ▪  Savedaseithera.docor.docxfile You will need to use the internet to gather information on the reaction of your choice. There is a minimum requirement of 3 scholarly sources (Wikipedia is not a scholarly source), either primary or secondary is fine. If you need help understanding what qualifies as an acceptable primary or secondary source, feel free to use the resource below. ▪ ResearchandCitationResources This essay is intended to allow you practice for communicating factual scientific information, so personal opinions and emotional appeals should not be included. It is okay to include your own relation and interest to the topic, but beyond that it should just be communicating what is going on and why. Suggestedoutline: ▪ Introduction ▪ Body Paragraphs:address what the reactants are, what the products are (show a balanced chemical equation), describe the reaction mechanism, whether it is an acid- base or oxidation-reduction reaction, what conditions this reaction occurs under (temperature, pressure, solvent, concentration, catalysts, light/dark), whether it is endothermic or exothermic, how the reaction is used, and how often it is used. ▪ Conclusion ▪ Workcitedpage

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