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Part A:For this assignment, you must compare different tools and algorithms commonly used in the industry for threat prevention, detection, and control.You must include the following:Table of industry tools that can be implemented to prevent intrusions or malware attacks.Advantages and issues related to the full implementation of the following mathematical models:Access-control matrix modelMandatory-access control modelDiscretionary access control modelRole-based access control modelBell-LaPadula confidentiality modelBiba integrity modelLipner modelark-Wilson ModelBrewer-Nash (Chinese Wall) modelsGraham-Denning modelLength: 4-6 pagesesources: Minimum of 5 scholarly resourcesPart B:cenario:The use of security information event management (SIEM) software detected that a malware attack originated from an international source. As the cybersecurity analyst of FSB with critical infrastructure and mission-sensitive information, you have determined that the external hackers have the motivation to cause business disruption. The virus penetrated the enterprise’s IT infrastructure, infecting servers, desktops, and laptops; destroying information; and spreading ransomware. The payload of the virus deleted mission-critical files and changed file extensions for all database files.he attacks have crippled the organization’s ability to make timely business decisions. Further investigation of logs using a security information event management application revealed that there had been significant internal attacks including sniffing, MAC spoofing, WEP/WPA cracking, AP spoofing, and DoS of the company resources due to the weak wireless infrastructure. These attacks have weakened the security posture of the organization.nstructions:For this assignment, you must write an academic paper in which you address the malware attack. Your paper should include the followingtitle and reference pageseasons why web-based applications are vulnerable.Describe three attacks that can be levied on web servers and their applications. Support this description with supportive reference, where you will describe the economic and operational impact of these attacks, either coming from malware, phishing, whaling, ransomware, or any other.ecommend response procedures to be followed to contain the impact and spread of the malicious code, mitigate further damage and regain control of the network, applications, or services. These recommendations must include at least two tools recommended as part of the solutions with their corresponding features to mitigate wireless network attackseasons why wireless networks are more vulnerable to attacks than wired networks.uggest risk responses in terms of:isk avoidanceRisk acceptancRisk-sharing/transferRisk mitigation through the application of industry best principles and practices and information security policiesMonitor the infrastructure for security-related eventsecuring of information assetsength: 6-8 pages academic papereferences: Minimum of 5 scholarly resourcesResourcesEling, M., & Wirfs, J. (2019). Innovative applications of O.R.: What are the actual costs of cyber risk events?Johnson, K. N. (2016). Managing cyber risks. Georgia Law Review, 50(2): 547-592.Radanliev, P., De Roure, D.C., Nicolescu, R., Huth, M., Mantilla, R., Cannaly, S., & Burnap, P. (2018). Future developments in cyber risk assessment for the internet of things

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