Setting Analysis

Summarize the setting to begin your paper, highlighting the most important elements that the author included. Include the time of day and/or time period if provided and the geographical place if given. If not stated directly, insinuate this information based on clues the writer provides.   Analyze if the writer used imagery effectively by identifying if he or she addressed each of the five senses. The best settings will include phrases and words that allow you to see, hear, smell, taste and touch the setting in your mind because they are vividly described with effective imagery.   Decide if the setting has any symbolic and/or thematic significance. For example, if the story is about finding beauty within yourself, does the setting mirror that lesson? Are they in a place that many people might find ugly, like a swamp, but within that swamp love blossoms?    Include an analysis of the author’s intent for choosing the setting. Why did the author write about this place? Does it help teach a lesson? Is the author from the place they described which means they could make it very real and detailed? Remember to address all 4 guidelines.  The best way to do this is to make them all separate paragraphs.  It still needs to be in MLA format and must be at least 2 pages.  You can choose any setting from the two stories we read this week.  Make sure you only pick one setting from one story.  Use in text citations for quotes and a Works Cited page (if you do quote).  The Works Cited page does not count as a page, but must have a running head per MLA. make sure to use the full 2 pages, and follow directions carefully with NO grammar errors !   this is the links to both of the stories it will be a setting analysis.  1)  The Storm by Kate Chopin 2)  I Stand Here Ironing by Tillie Olsen

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