Small Business Recruiting and Staffing Plan

Assignment #2 – Small Business Recruiting and Staffing Plan Using the Small Business Case from Chapter 5, you will create a recruiting and staffing strategy for GenMet, a small manufacturing company located in Mequon, Wisconsin. For this paper, you will need to write a recruiting and staffing plan for a machinist. The paper should be a minimum of 4 pages. In this paper, you will outline the following: 1) Introduction – include a thesis statement and a preview of your paper 2) Legal landscape – what are special legal considerations you would like the company to be aware of? 3) Recruiting plan for the position selected a. Explain what recruiting is and why it is important b. Explain the tools you will use to find candidates for the position and why you selected each tool for that level or type of position 4) Create a selection plan for the position selected, including but not limited to: a. Explain what staffing is and why it is important b. What assessments will you use? Why? c. What type of interviewing will you use? Why? d. Create 5 interview questions for your candidate 5) As part of the conclusion, summarize what you learned from researching and writing this paper Resources to use: • The case study in chapter 5 of the textbook: GenMet’s Deisgn for Constructing a 21st -Century Workforce • • Other outside academic resources Chapter 5 case: GenMet’s Design for Constructing a 21st-Century Workforce At GenMet, as for many other small manufacturing companies, the number one hurdle for recruiting is the negative perception of manufacturing jobs. CEO Eric Isbister recalls participating in job fairs at local high schools and seeing parents pull their teens away from exhibits by manufacturers. That attitude has rubbed off on young people, who often assume that manufacturing jobs have all but disappeared—and if they haven’t completely gone away, the jobs must be low-paying and dirty. Isbister would beg to differ. GenMet, which fabricates metal for making a range of products as varied as military trucks, wind turbine components, and metal shelving for store displays, is a high-tech operation that relies on computers and automated equipment. It also depends on skilled workers such as welders rather than heavy manual labor. GenMet is located in Mequon, Wisconsin, and has a workforce of about 60. Many of those employees are older than 50, so GenMet’s owners know they have to plan for a wave of retirements in the years ahead. While GenMet president Mary Isbister says, “If I could find people with the skills I need, I could take 10 more welders tomorrow,” recruiting is not just about filling positions that are currently open. Rather, the focus is on how to ensure that the local schools are developing a workforce for the future. With these goals in mind, recruiting involves outreach to the teachers and students in the community. Over summer break, GenMet hires high school teachers, hoping they will talk about the good jobs students can obtain if they learn math and other relevant skills. It participates in a state-run program that partners businesses with high schools and technical colleges to offer students apprenticeships, where they work a few hours each week, rotating through each department of the company. The company also hosts an annual event on National Manufacturing Day, when visitors are invited to tour, observe the equipment, and see employees enjoying their work. GenMet also sponsors high school robotics teams, bringing them to the company to watch as parts for their designs are fabricated by employees. Questions 1. Is GenMet working with a labor surplus or a labor shortage? Explain. 2. Why is GenMet’s recruiting strategy so focused on relationships with schools? What other recruiting methods, if any, woud you recommend? Sources: Company website, “Community,”, accessed April 6, 2016; Dori Meinert, “Manufacturing Magnets,” HR Magazine, November 2015, pp. 45–50; Marti Mikkelson, “Local Manufacturers Still Grappling with Worker Shortage,” WUWM (Milwaukee Public Radio), June 9, 2015,; Rick Barrett, “Manufacturers Scramble to Fill Jobs, Struggle to Recruit Women,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 19, 2014,; Corrinne Hess, “Q&A: Mary Isbister,” Milwaukee Magazine, August 26, 2014,

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