Stan Williams Photography

We will consider the work of photographers and visual activists in relation to the topics and theories we have been considering. How have these photographers used the images they create in order to communicate with the viewer? What messages are they expressing, and what methods have they used so that they will resonate? .Your research project will analyse at least two images from Stan Williams examining the messages being conveyed to the viewer.You will provide background information relating to the photographer when appropriate, but it is important to remember that the focus of your research paper is how their photographs can be used to spread awareness, and the methods they use in order to effectively communicate with viewers. You are required to search for and examine scholarly sources to broaden your knowledge and support your thesis. use two academic journal articles, which are essays written by scholars for peer-reviewed journals. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspaper and magazine articles, blog entries, book reviews, documentaries and textbooks are not academic journal articles. You may use these sources during your research, but they do not count as academic journal articles.

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