Stem Cells of Non-Embryonic Origin

Development of Effective Clones of Stem Cells of Non-Embryonic Origin. Write a 3500 word paper answering; Stem cell therapy does not only create an impact on the present society but also on the future of the pharmaceutical industry, and on the aspect of age and average life span of the person involved (Dixon). It is, however, clear that there is still a great need for further research in order to discover more about this very promising field of medical research.Adult stem cells are also known as non-embryonic stem cells because they are not derived from the human embryo but rather from organs of adult humans, from infants and children as well. Placentas, umbilical cords and parts of cadavers may be utilized as non-embryonic stem cells. Moreover, there is no reason to worry because obtaining adult stem cells from such sources – individuals or organs – does not entail any harm to any human being (“An Overview of Stem Cell Research,” 2013).Despite the controversies regarding the ethical implications of obtaining adult stem cells from living fetuses and newborn infants, according to the latest stem cell research, adult or non-embryonic stem cells have already resulted in multiple cases of actual clinical benefit. For example, non-embryonic stem cells from adults or from the umbilical cord have already been proven to be effective in the following diseases: autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s disease, corneal damage, immunodeficiency, anemia, stroke, cancer, and blood and liver disease (An Overview of Stem Cell Research, 2013).One approach to producing adult stem cells is through the injection of cells from the bone marrow of the same species regardless of gender. An experiment at Yale University in May 2001 had the researchers obtain a sample of stem cells from the bone marrow and male mice, and they injected these into female rats whose own bone marrow was destroyed by radioactive irradiation. The result of the experiment was not only positive but also significantly overwhelming.

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