Strategic Management in Action

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on strategic management in action: wal-mart stores. Under this data methodology, the participants were drawn from four departments within Wal-Mart stores (Selim, 2007). The different categories under which the participants were divided were based on the management level, with few senior managers participating. Figure 1: Percentage of participants based on job type Procedures In carrying out the research, the researcher already had set questions for the interview, thus the process was semi-structured (Scribner, 2008). However, the questions did not have a particular structure. Measures The interviewees were asked three questions related to the organizational culture and stress. Since the questions were open-ended, the participants were expected to give their opinion on each problem (Coates, James & Baldwin, 2005). The three basic questions for the interview, in this case, were, What words come to mind when asked to describe the ‘feel’ of this department as it is now? Second, can you tell me about events that are usually stressful at work for you? Finally, what are the most common things that trigger the experience of stress at work? Surveys This was another method that the researcher used in collecting the data. In this case, all the employees from the four departments were allowed to participate (Derouin, Fritzsche & Salas, 2005). The researcher used non-convenience sampling because it does not employ the probability that could bar someone from participating (Tabachnick, Fidell & Osterlind, 2001). Due to its non-probability mature, 225 people participated with an average age of 37.06, a standard deviation of 10.18 whose ages range from 17 to 61 years. The research also established that the average worker in the industry has stayed for 6.61 years, with a 5.90 standard deviation (Dholakia & Kshetri, 2004). Participants According to Department Figure 2: Percentage of participants based on department There was also a group who strongly believed that the company procedures and legislation caused strain since most of them were so elaborate and needed more time for implementation. Factor Analysis Age and Tenure per Department Table 2: Age and tenure by mean and standard deviation per department Department 1 Department 2 Department 3 Department 4 Total Age Mean 42.00 37.66 35.07 35.05 37.06 St Dev 10.84 9.18 9.51 10.65 10.18 Tenure Mean 9.73 6.25 6.08 5.57 6.61 St Dev 7.24 4.70 6.26 5.41 5.90 The research also indicated that the majority of participants were people with adequate experience in the internal affairs of the company, thus consisted of 196 respondents who were permanent and full time employees. Figure thee gives more details. Employment Type According to Department Figure 3: Number of participants by their employment type for the overall dataset. In other findings, the researcher realized that the males and females were almost evenly distributed in the first, second and third departments. However, the second departed showed disparity with 67 females to only 17 males.&nbsp.The research also indicated that the majority of participants were people with adequate experience in the internal affairs of the company, thus consisted of 196 respondents who were permanent and full-time employees.&nbsp.

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