Strategy Implementation of Coca-Cola

Submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Strategy Implementation of Coca-Cola. The present study would focus on the Coca-Cola Company. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and well developed systems, procedures and tools that align it to the structure in place to enable it cope with ever increasing competitive world. It creative and innovative culture has enabled it to keep in pace with stiff competition from their main competitor Pepsi. The company has developed a strand of valuable resources in its people and the resources that it contains that enable the multinational to serve its customers with quality and attractive products. The firm has employed a number of strategies so as to realize it objectives and visions, such as fair returns on shareholder value increase value to the community. During the 2010 annual report, it is noted that the company adopted a number of strategies. As noted in their press release, the company has continued to increase the volume of business through innovation and diversification of its products into potential markets especially North America by building several brands such as Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitamin water, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply and Georgia Coffee. Business analysts provide that the company has continued to deal with volatile economic challenges in their pursuit of global business. The firm has also continued to invest in order to build solid brands of coke fuelled by marketing and promotional innovations. For instance, the ‘open happiness campaign and FIFA world cup promotional programs drove growth and increased reputation of the coke brands. Furthermore, the firm has continued to pursue sustainable developments in the environments and education funding through corporate social responsibility imitative. Structure of the organisation The firm has a well organized organic structure that consist of shorter and learner span of control that ensure timely decisions are met effectively. It has a simple matrix structure that consists of divisions led and driven by projects (Mintzberg, 1979. Glueck,1980. Gilbraith and Nathason,1978). The firm has a both decentralised and centralised. The corporate leaders of the company have delegated authority to a number of line and tactical managers in all their divisions around the world so that faster and timely decisions can be arrived. This translates into better quality of service delivery to their customers. Mintzberg (1979) argues that it is pertinent for a firm to centralise some certain policies, as centralising certain essential matters that deal with strategy and strategic options of the overall firm ensures that control is limited and controlled appropriately. These include product and market development. It has also centralised forms of policies and values that every stakeholder should adhere to in discharging their duties and responsibilities. Chandler (1962), Mintzberg (1979) and Glueck (1980) note that some essential matters that arise out of agency necessitate the corporate leaders to retain some authority and control to avoid misappropriation of powers for their own interest and at the expense of the firm.. This ensures uniformity in their systems, procedures and techniques so that productions techniques and tools are similar to maintain a brand name and reputation of the company. For instance, last year it was in a process of improving the quality of brands by pursuing a healthier diet campaign in the United States of America.

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