Strong Marketing Plans

Compose a 1500 words assignment on strong marketing plans. Needs to be plagiarism free! Most of the successful companies owe their success to the strong marketing plans and marketing programs that they incorporate into their businesses. Here five companies have been chosen to study the possible improvements in their marketing programs. The aim of this paper is to identify at least two possible ideas that can be used by the company as a means to improve their marketing and their overall position in the markets. The suggestions made here are based on the promotional mix of the company as well as with a detailed view on the view point of the customers as well as the marketing managers. Rollerblade: Rollerblades is a well known company that deals with a wide range of roller-skates to meet the needs of all kinds of customers. The company has a website which has been developed with complete details of the retailers and the product range. One of the major areas that the company currently lacks is the use of an ecommerce website (Evans, O’Maley, & Patterson, 2004). Roller skates have a strong product line and this can be used to the advantage of the company. One of the first areas that the company can develop is an ecommerce website which provides the customers with an option to buy the products online. Secondly, it is important that the company invests in tools for better customer relationship management as this will help the company use the visits to the website as possible leads for revenue generating activities (Evans, Foxall, & Jamal, 2009). Using customer relationship management will prove to very beneficial for the company. As explained by McCabe & Wolfe (2000), “Making the Customer king is one way of improving sales. But a better one is making the right customer king. This discipline is called customer relationship management” (McCabe & Wolfe, 2000). Hence implementing the customer relationship management will help in identifying the potential customers and will also help in improved targeting as well (Evans, O’Maley, & Patterson, 2004). Specialized Bicycle Components: Specialized Bicycle Components is a company which deals with bicycle components and provides the customers with a wide range of bike accessories for specialized bicycle riders. The company presently caters to a wide range of customers across America, however clearly lacks a strong corporate strategy and strong marketing (Specialized Bicycle, 2011). Although the company has been able to develop a website, the website is not easy navigation and lacks the customer focus and user friendliness. The first suggestion to the company will be to focus on improving the website and making it more user friendly by improving the overall navigation style of the website and by ensuring that the website is search engine optimized (Specialized Bicycle, 2011). This will ensure that the company’s website is easily findable by the search engine which in turn makes it simpler for the customers as well. Secondly the company can focus on developing stronger marketing and promotion strategies that the company can use to improve the overall position (Jobber, 2009). This can include more advertising in games and other events or also including advertisements on television and the local radio. This will help the company improve the brand awareness and will also assist in improved overall performance of the company as well. Specialized Bicycle&nbsp.has a strong marketing mix and the company has a strong product line as well. The only area that the company is presently lacking in is the promotional activities (Kotler & Keller, 2008). Hence if there is a higher importance given to their area the company can improve the overall performance and also increase the overall revenues as well. BMW: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (BMW) is a world class car manufacturer which is known for the premium cars.

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