Superior Vocabulary Learning Strategies

Submit a 6750 words paper on the topic Superior Vocabulary Learning Strategies. Environmental factors may involve the host culture and available output opportunities. While there are some methods that seem to work more effectively for second language vocabulary acquisition, there does not seem to be anyone that stands alone, except usage outside a classroom.Many researchers and professionals have recently taken great interest in the strategies for learning second language vocabulary. Their studies they examined many different strategies for learning vocabulary: rote memorization with, or without, a language lab, translation exercises, drill and practice, live and digital computer-aided conversation, listening to music or stories, with or without the text in hand or on-screen, matching and other word games, watching movies and other videos, with or without subtitles, reading books or booklets, with or without looking up unknown words and writing sentences, conversations, scripts, and stories, with or without using a dictionary (Cohen, 76, 2001). Crucial to vocabulary, or another, learning is assessment. Even students using self-study need assessment to guide them in what to studyGuessing, not mentioned earlier, as a strategy towards vocabulary acquisition in a second language is commonly encouraged (McCarthy, 102, 1990). The first language develops naturally, not as a result of direct instruction, but by trial and error (Ellis, 125, 1997). The child tries a sound and looks for a response. Then the child tries to repeat the sound and looks for the same response. Eventually, the child discovers that certain sounds are connected to certain responses, many of which fulfill the needs of the child, some of which do little or nothing and some which get undesirable responses. Therefore, second language development should work well following the trial and error approach. Depending on personal factors such as prior&nbsp.familiarity and generality, this would be an ideal strategy, except for the time involved, because it builds on discovery (Wenden, 578, 1987).

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