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All the papers we deliver to clients are based on credible sources and are quality-approved by our editors.
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Thank you so much! Appreciate it!
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We can help you reach your academic goals hassle-free.

Before signing for our services, it is important to take note of the following terms and conditions. By proceeding to place subsequent orders, you consent to terms and conditions, thus binding to our policies. Therefore you agree to process any personal data, and if you do not agree, you must never access or use our services.


  • “Website” refers to Homework Pros website and mobile Phone application

  • “Customer” and  “You” – Refers to entity client submitting work to be done by Homework Pros and its subsequent Experts.


  •  “We,” or “Our,” or “Us” used to refer to Homework Pros

  • “Expert” is any person working on behalf of Homework Pros to complete order requests issued to homework pros.


  • “Order” refers to factual assignment details placed by the customer for processing and subsequent funds attached to it.

  • “Service”  Homework Pros provides user needs in the defined time frame per assignment requirements.


  • Funds-Refers to money issued to the order as payment in exchange for the writing service.


  • “Product” is the end result of Homework contact with the customer. The final product, which is an academic assignment, is designed to help the learner leverage better class performance.


  • Account- Refers to a personal platform within the website where you, as a customer, can have issues addressed.

  • “Revision” is a special request by the customer to have worked either redone afresh or partial adjustments to the product per initial instructions.

  • “Support Team”  refers to Homework pros structural working framework who coordinate and assist in delivering customer orders and services.


You will have to create a personal account for us to serve you. Your account will be created using the general details that you provide. Therefore by proceeding to create an account, you must therefore create details that are accurate and updated that you can actually remember. It is important to note that you may not register numerous accounts and may be treated maliciously.

When creating an account, take note of the passwords; in this case, you will be solely responsible for safeguarding them. Therefore Homework Pros encourages the creation of strong passwords such as using numbers and symbols, case letters-upper and lower letters, etc. It is, therefore, customers responsible for activities triggered in your accounts. Should issues arise from account creation, It is necessary to contact the custom paper geeks support system to help with such.


Customers using custom paper geeks are therefore required to follow the following set of guidelines;

  1. You will access custom paper geeks for personal issues only.
  2. You will agree to never use custom paper geek’s website to share data that, in any case;-
  • May defraud anyone using this website
  • Violates any juridical law, either local, state, federal, or even international.
  • May circumvent in promoting harmful activities or even illegal.


  1. is intended to perpetrate a hoax or otherwise defraud, mislead or deceive any person;
  2. violates, breaches, or circumvents any applicable local, state, federal, or other applicable law, rule, or regulation, including any ruling or order of a court or administrative body;
  3. is copied from someone else or violates, breaches, or circumvents the rights of any person or entity;
  4. promotes illegal or harmful activities.


Once custom paper geeks provide service, you are required to never use the end product to harass custom paper geeks. Therefore, this implies that you are never allowed to use abusive communication channels that create the demeanor status of the custom paper geeks. If you feel offended, it is important to communicate to the custom paper geek’s support system.


Order is treated as placed when you fill the order form. The order placement form has all details that indicate the price, time frame for the delivery, and other parameters. Therefore it is important to note you must issue the right details. Homework pros, therefore, review the order details to reconfirm the accuracy of order requirements to meet client needs. Should a mismatch have occurred, then evaluates the details.

The order placed is measured per the volume of words required in the assignment. One page accounts for 275 words- Double spacing. One-page single spacing accounts for 550 words a page. This, therefore, implies the price for a single-spaced page is double. For  poster and PowerPoint presentations   2 slides account for 275 words, thus treated as a page in the hiring processes


When you place an order, you agree to pay the price the calculator provides. It is important to note that the respective order amount can be negotiated once you notify Custom paper geeks. Therefore, it is recommended that either use a payment method that is 6 months valid before the expiry date.

Custom paper geeks offer discounts to their customers. Thus we run a promotion campaign at times. A promotion code is therefore issued on the calculator; therefore, our esteemed customers must fill in the code when filling in the order form. Custom paper geeks commit to providing respective discounts to customers with no exceptions.

Once an order is placed, Homework evaluates the order parameters filled and checks whether they match with corresponding Initial working requirements. If there is a need to make adjustments to leverage quality work, new order parameters may come up, which definitely affects the pricing of the orders.

The pricing range for the different orders may vary. For instance, Custom paper geeks may decide on a fixed price that does not match the calculator range for subjects that you may never quantify work volume n terms of pages. Additionally, the price for services and payment terms can change at the discretion of Homework Pros without prior notifications.


Homework Pros partners with other strategic partners -Third party to process funds issued to the order. By agreeing to order a paper with us, you agree to share with thew respective third-party agents in such processes and per Custom paper geeks Privacy Policy.

We do not collect personal data related to your card payment details- Instead, you are to provide such data to payment processors who are strategic partners in delivering our services. This, therefore, implies for the respective purchases, the payment processors collect your data on payment and deduct the funds attached to the order. Homework Pros cannot, in any case, be responsible for any act of breach of payments as we are only strategic with these third-party agents.


Homework Pros is solely responsible for the timely delivery of orders once you have placed the orders with the requisite details, such as resource materials. The customers are responsible for providing correct delivery channels such as emails and enablers such as network connectivity. Therefore, we take no responsibility for clients’ negligence on any issue that may arise due to Network outages and customer unavailability. Once the order has been delivered to the digital website, the customer is responsible for downloading and confirming the digital receipt of the orders.

Once you confirm receipt of the order, you must review it carefully to see if it meets the quality threshold and approves of the same. In case you need revisions, you can place immediate requests. Also, if we may have never delivered quality products, you can ask for refunds.


Once you place orders with Custom paper geeks, we guarantee unlimited revision till order requirements are met. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction levels. No additional charges for revision of orders; thus, the order settlement will remain as initially hired. However, our customers should be cautious in adding or changing instructions to the order when asking for a revision, as this may bring up additional order charges. This, therefore, imply that upon placing a revision request – Free revision is only guaranteed if there is no change in the instructions set.

Custom paper geek’s Responsibility

Homework responsibility takes no responsibility for fraudulent acts that undermine academic integrity; thus, we take no ethical responsibility in using our products as we are a learning platform. Malicious activity is solely the customers’ responsibility. The company further has a privacy policy that outlines the use of personal data and clients’ consent on transactions related to our services and its strategic partners.


Custom paper geeks reserve the right to carry out maintenance to the system; thus, you may be notified via mail of apparent changes that may be upcoming. Such maintenance of the system is geared to improve customer experience.


In case you got any issues or any queries regarding  our terms and conditions, contact us at



Custom paper geeks reserve the right to make apparent updates to these terms and conditions. The updates will be issued via a notification on the website and email address. Important to note is that an earlier alert will be issued before changes in terms and conditions are affected.


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