Texas Politics Culture and Government

Instructor Times New Roman 12-point font Must be in WORD or PDF format Double spaced Introduction paragraph briefly outlining what you are going to be analyzing.  Conclusion paragraph briefly reiterating what you analyzed and provided supporting evidence of. Utilize proper in text parenthetical citations and a compiled work cited page using MLA, Chicago, or APA format style.  Page numbers Minimum word count 1,200 words but no more than 1,500 Utilize a minimum of 6 legitimate sources: In general a thorough analysis/case study would have 8-10 sources. Recommended:  – Course materials –  Center for Responsive Politics https://www.opensecrets.org/ –  Vote Smart https://votesmart.org/ – Texans for public justice http://www.tpj.org/ –  Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/rr/main/alcove9/usgov/intgroups.html – TAMUC library databases such as Academic Search Complete EBSCOhost JSTOR http://www.tamuc.edu/library/ – Best websites include .edu/.org/.gov  Your sources must be legitimate and less than 10 years old  Your paper MUST utilize both in text parenthetical citations and have a compiled work cited page.  Using any of the Learning Outcomes (LO’s) in competency One or Two answer the following question:   Describe connections you have made between your prior knowledge of the topic(s) you chose and what you have learned in this course. How has this course helped you to understand the ideas/process/structure/procedure etc. in new or different ways? Will you be able to utilize your updated/new knowledge in your current or future career? What do you see as obstacles or advances in the topic that are significant and why?  Think out of the box of what re-learning this material means for you, your career, family and community. –  For this question you will think critically and analyze the elements thoroughly you want to focus on. You still need to support your analysis/argument with cited evidence. You may focus on as many LO topics as you wish.  LO’s to chose from  Texas Political Culture  Texas Constitution  Texas Political Parties/Elections/Campaigns  Texas Interest Groups  The Texas Legislature  The Texas Plural Executive and Bureaucracy  The Texas Judicial System Texas Local government

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