The 18th Dynasty Egypt

Create a thesis and an outline on The 18th dynasty Egypt. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. He established the 18th dynasty that ruled Egypt. During the rule of Ahmose the First, Egypt reached new heights of wealth and power. The regions ruled by the Pharaohs extended to new frontiers in The South, East and West. The kings of Egypt built palaces and temples, which were melting pots for Egyptian art. Territorial expansion was a response to previous threats that Egypt had experienced. Before the 18th dynast gained power, several kingdoms had invaded Egypt and weakened the region (Gardner and Fred 34). As a result, Egyptians were not able to participate in artistic works because the economy was ruined by the invasions. As a response, the Egyptian empire stretched from Syria to the regions of the Horn of Africa. This opened up new avenues for practicing art and economic activities. The economy focused on building and arts. New kingdom art differed from the art of preceding ages. The art showed a range of the Egyptian arts style. The art form of this period suffered normal surface changes because of the progress of the Pharaonic art. This occurred during a homogeneous cultural period that provided a platform for an evolutional artistic development. Some of the artistic pieces of the period include the statuette of Nefert-iti and Teti-sheri. Paintings included the tomb of Amen-em-het and the palace of Amarna (Gardner et al, 42). This paper seeks to study the art of Ahmose the First who built the only loyal pyramid in Abydos. Ahmose the First was an artist who built the pyramid of Ahmose. The pyramid was not built as a tomb, but as a cenotaph for Ahmose the First (Gardner et al, 47). This pyramid was the royal pyramid that was built in Abydos. Ahmose the First used rubble and sand with limestone casing to build the pyramid. These construction materials were used to keep the pyramid in shape. The pyramid did not have any chamber for burials. Ahmose renewed royal support for the construction of artistic and monumental buildings with the re-unification of Egypt. He devoted a huge amount of his productive output towards the worship and service of the traditional Egyptian gods and reviving numerous monumental constructions and arts (Aldred 16). Though his building program did not last for more than seven year, he managed to leave a lasting arts legacy. Work from Ahmose the First reign was made of fine materials. However, artisanship during this period does not march the artisanship of the previous kingdoms. Control over the Nubian and Delta region gave access to resources that are required for artwork. Silver and Gold came from Nubia and cedar fro Byblos (Aldred 23). Though the relationship between Crete and Egypt was not certain, some of the artwork of this dynasty had designs from Crete. For instance, the Minoan designs were found in objects from the period. Most importantly, Ahmose re-commissioned the Tura Limestone quarries that provided stones for the construction of monuments. Asiatic cattle were used to haul stones from the quarry. The pyramid of Ahmose raises a number of questions. For instance, most of the Egyptian pyramids were constructed in Cairo. However, the pyramid of Ahmose is located in Abydos, which is further south of Egypt. In my opinion, Ahmose set out to worship and appease the Egyptian traditional gods (Aldred 27). As a result, he built the pyramid to the south in order to appease the god Osiris.

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