The American Colonies

CHOOSE ONE of these four societies: Spanish, Portuguese, British, or French America.Using the 7 SPRITE categories listed, include and explain at least four in your response.1. Social/How do groups interact?2. Political/How are societies ruled?3. Religious/How do societies deal with the supernatural?4. Ideas (Intellectual)/What do individuals think of as important concepts?5. Technology/What do humans do in order to make life easier or conquer nature?6. Economics/How do societies make a living?7. Environment) /How do humans deal with nature?as and Religion may be considered as one category.o: select one of the four units (Spanish America, French America, Portuguese America, and British America. Though you don’t have to use all of the SPRITE categories, aim for an answer that includes at least four of the 7B. Minimum 300 words in your post

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