The Constitutional government

To complete this assignment:Read the assigned source in its entirety.In the course of your essay, address the following questions utilizing the information found in the source as the foundation for your work:Why does the author compare George W. Bush to John F. Kennedy in this article? How would you include Donald J. Trump in this comparison?Read the following quote “In extreme circumstances, the heroic leader should even operate beyond the limits of the Constitutional government…the heroic leader must take command, for … ‘what makes short-run authoritarianism possible.'”What is Schlesinger trying to convey here?Thinking about the quote above, how do Presidents Kennedy, Bush, and Trump fall into the role of “heroic leader?”The essay must be 620 words in length (minimum)The paraphrased and directly quoted material used from the source must be cited using in-text parenthetical citations indicating the page where you found the information.Add the word count to the end of your document.Submit your essay to this assignment page.Keep the following in mind while you write:The essay must be at least 620 words in length (minimum).Your essay should be written using information from the assigned source; this should be your only source used for the basis of your essay.Do not use information from the chapter, outside sources, or your own opinions (unless prompted otherwise).These assignments are exercises in gathering, utilizing, and analyzing evidence from a scholarly source that is provided.All direct quotes and paraphrases must be cited. Use the Citing Direct Quotes & Paraphrases page for some quick tips on the differences between the two.The paraphrased and directly quoted material used from the source must be cited using in-text parenthetical citations indicating the page where you found the information.No author names are needed in the citation, since we are citing only one source.A works cited page is not needed.The individual questions asked in the assignment should not be addressed individually, but instead, they should be integrated into a single essay.In some cases, utilizing your own opinion as a component of a question is acceptable, but only when prompted and then only in relation to the assigned question and in reaction to the assigned material.  When this prompt is given, it will be clearly stated.

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