The Folk Genre

Compose a 1000 words assignment on the folk genre: the music of people around the world. Needs to be plagiarism free! Krzysztof recognizes the need to preserve the traditional Podhala music since it is an important part of the identity of people from these isolated mountain groups, and also because the music is used in various festivals and other celebrations such as weddings. While he believes in tradition, he also emphasizes that just like cultures music must also attain a certain upgrade to cope up with the changing times, so that people can still reconnect to their roots while still accepting changes (250). However, Krzysztof emphasizes strongly that even if he creates new music based from Podhala traditional music and gets criticized for making the genre popularized he still maintains that he treats music with respect, and does not perform such changes for parody. In addition, to make sure that the next generation would appreciate and perform traditional music and continue its legacy, Krzysztof also teaches younger children how to play traditional music. By inspiring children to appreciate and be proud of one aspect of their customs, Krzysztof is seen not just an ordinary traditional Podhala musician, but he is also living a true traditional musician’s life it in such a way that he takes the essence of keeping a tradition alive and sharing the beauty to more people. Just like Krzysztof, people performing traditional music are not only seen as people who showcase customs and traditions to people, but they can also be seen as inheritors of the tradition, as well as guardians that ensure its legacy goes on. 2. For some people from the Bosnian cultures, despite Ganga singing being seen as a part of traditional or folk living, it is still seen as an important part of their culture. This is because Ganga is not just about the music, but of strong family ties and bonds as well. For example, it was mentioned in the book that Ganga singers are often composed of a group of friends singing together starting at a very young age (Cooley 227). These friends may well grow up together and continue singing together until they get married. This means that just as they harmonize in singing their parts in a song together, their lives also become intertwined in ways as well. Also, because of having forged ties and have sung together for a very long time, even without musical cues the lead Ganga singer could just sing and the other two singers could pick up the notes and sing along in harmony, like instinct. This kind of singing reflects the importance of continuing tradition and forging relationships among some members of the Bosnian and Herzegovina cultures and is still being done today as a way to show talents and tradition, as well as to do activities together as people with close relationships. 3. In a country that has been held captive for very long by a militarist and strict government, the popularity of Balkan Jazz (Balkanski Dzhaz) was just as important as having to express oneself (Cooley 257). For many Balkan Jazz musicians such as Ivo Papasov and Yuri Yunakow, the risks of getting jailed for performing jazz was a low price to pay in retaliation for expressing their own thoughts such as ideological and political freedom through improvisations.&nbsp.

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