The Globalization of Markets

Submit a paper on the topic The Globalization of Markets. Consequently multinational commercial and corporation approaching exit. Thus, Multinational Corporations are commonly known as that have their operations based in more than one country and it’s characterized by accruing relatively high costs to their products. On the other hand, the global corporation operates by standardizing its products at a relatively low cost. The broad worldwide markets under which these companies operate are viewed as an entity (Theodore, 1984).In reference to the contrast between globalization and multinational, communication is the major tool that has contributed to modernity. In addition, the homogeneity of needs and desires world over has rendered multinational corporations redundant while the global corporation the ideal strategy to competitively survive. Global commonality due to technology is attributed to the success of global companies such as Mc Donald, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola et cetera. Their products are sold everywhere and embraced by everybody. However, it is perceived that trade barriers have been the greatest impediments to the greater success of these companies. They have a commonality in the financing, distribution, and pricing of products across the market dynamics. Their strategy is the application of the right values which entail how they price their products, the quality of products offered, reliability, and efficient delivery of these products in a manner that resonates with the global community. Japanese Companies have been using the global corporate strategy differently, though the quality of their products is debated as it is perceived that their products are of low quality hence low prices. However, the quality of products does not always commensurate with cost (Theodore, 1984).Theodore’s model vindicates that companies lowering cost and prices, and elevating quality and reliability&nbsp.besides ensuring that the products are suitable to consumers, is key to the standardization of products in the global corporate strategy. It’s a strategy Japanese have highly embraced. Mostly, big companies that operate within a country or a section of that country don’t standardize their operations. Interestingly, some thrive due to the uniqueness of the market segment of the demographic operations.

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