The Haunted Beach

Compose a 750 words assignment on the haunted beach: romantic poetry. Needs to be plagiarism free! This paper will explore the supernatural and the ghostly narrative aspects of the poem, demonstrating the author’s setting of the tone and their effectiveness in creating a sensational ghost story. Some of the aspects of the poem to be reviewed include the rhythm and the rhyme of the poem, as well as the author’s use of imagery to create the ghostly outlook of the poem. Discussion In setting the tone of the poem, the author incorporates the role of rhyme-scheme elements particularly, inner rhyme, to develop a tone of a lively playful nature, where there are lexical echoes of the line ‘by the green billows played’: the line is at areas of increasing odds with the subject (Robinson 72). For example, at the beginning of the poem, the author uses statements like the ‘deafening roar’ and ‘weeds-forever waving,’ to communicate the dominantly lively and playful nature. The author incorporates and communicates a tone of serenity and peacefulness, through explicit statements like, “the moon scene was all serene” (Robinson 72). The author goes on to emphasize the peaceful and the relatively playful tone, by using different statements, including that, “the waters were scarce in motion” (Robinson 72). Therefore, in setting the tone of the poem, the author appeals to the emotions of the audience, by making continuous attempts to awaken the emotions of the reader, towards the settings communicate as the surroundings for the poetic account. As the poem progresses, the author changes the tone, which they do through appealing to the emotional outlook of the reader. For example, through the line, “where the green billows play’d”, which signals a change of tone, to a scary, ghostly and fearful one – where the fisherman knew the least – what they would expect in the coming moments (Robinson 73). The ghostly and fear-filled tone reaches its peak, after the author states that the fisherman comes across the dead body, which he emphasizes, by stating that the dead man had gushes in his head. The different examples used by the author to create the tone of the poem shows that they incorporate imagery, including statements like the ‘furious roar’ (Robinson 74). By adding statements of imagery, the author communicates to the author, the emotional outlook they expected from the author. For example, towards emphasizing the fisherman’s outlook and emotional response, as well as that of the audience, the author offers a deeper description of the dead body, for example, by insisting that it had gushes in the head. Towards creating an effective ghostly story, the author uses creepy names, which help communicate the scary nature of the scenes they are referring to. For example, the author uses names like haunted hut, curlews screaming, wide gashes, yawning ocean, flashing fires and sands illume. The second strategy of incorporating ghost characteristics includes the choice of the perfect weather, which is evident from the description that there was moonlight and the waters were not moving. The results of the man’s murder demonstrate the ghostly nature of the poem, including the man that had been murdered at the beach area. The fourth trait is the use of ghostly scenes, including the sandy bed and the murderer’s liquid way. The author incorporates terror-full images, which help provide a sublime experience, which helps in creating the ambient surroundings for the death of the victims of the ghostly surrounding (Robinson 75). The author adopts a use of rhyme, which clearly demonstrates the behavior of the settings for the story, which is precisely that of a shore with receding waters and ghostly waves.

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