The Human Spirit

You must have ONE full paragraph for each THREE answers below (that would be THREE full paragraphs total) typed directly into this discussion forum. Pull specific details from the poem to support your answers. Poem is attached  1. Gilbert lists examples of events that should be very discouraging, if not depressing, to anyone. However, he tells us, “I crank my heart even so and it turns over.” What idea is he expressing through this metaphorical language? What does Gilbert mean by “crank” and “turn over”? 2. In a single sentence, state a claim that poet seems to be making about the human spirit. What are your thoughts about this perspective? 3. Consider the last words of the poem: “taking the maimed with us, keeping the sad parts carefully.” What do these words mean to you? In what ways does a person’s past disappointment and heartaches positively develop his or her identity over time? Can you identify an experience in your past that taught you painful lessons that have ultimately made a positive impact upon who you have become?

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