The Internet Is Changing The Way People Think

Need help with my writing homework on The Internet Is Changing The Way People Think. Write a 750 word paper answering; Secondly, even if there is nothing wrong with individuals wanting to have their electronic devices and being always “connected”, statistics have shown that this can be very dangerous especially when they go so far as to drive while checking for messages, etc. on the Net. Finally, some critics say that the Internet has been very useful in providing information and helping individuals store information. Those in opposition do not disagree but add that the thought process employed while on the Internet do little in promoting long-term memory and the skill of contemplation. Greenblatt’s report states that the impact of the Internet on how people think may greatly affect society as we know it (776). The Internet may turn the present society into one trying to constantly cope up with the new forms of media, the flood of information and the like that it does not have time to sit back and reflect on its experiences. Three Questions In the article, intellectuals and social critics were giving their opinions on three questions. The first was if the Internet made people smarter. (Greenblatt 777) Some said yes although they had varying ideas of “smarter”.

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