The Internet Threaten Privacy

Write an article on In What Ways Does the Internet Threaten Privacy. It needs to be at least 1500 words. With so much information being exchanged via the Internet, the threat of personal and confidential information falling into the wrong hands, or being unlawfully accessed, is not an uncommon occurrence. Scandals, misuse of chat rooms, Internet bullying of children and adults are common occurrences (Nijboer, 2004). Every day, thousands of people across the world fall victim to identity theft, fraud, and blackmail through the unlawful access and loss of personal/private information via the Internet.Each milestone in technology poses a new threat to privacy and personal safety. Privacy has been defined as the degree to which personal information is not known by others (Rust, Kannan & Peng, 2002). While the Internet holds a great promise of becoming a powerful marketing tool through intelligent use of customer information, it gradually leads to pressures on customer privacy and eventually erosion. It was initially not intended to be privacy-friendly. The application of new technologies has eroded the space between public and private spaces until there was no concept of private space at all. Sometimes when customers provide information over the Internet, they may not be aware of how it seeps into other websites and add to their database. This an invasion of consumers’ privacy and the websites sell or exchange databases to interested marketers.At the organization level, various threats to privacy have been found. Banking would not be possible without the Internet and yet the Internet enables theft of account data as was the case with Bank of America and Time Warner in 2005 (Gleason, 2006). Electronic security systems have embedded flaws. The same technology that promotes online shopping also allows criminals to buy a list of credit card and social security numbers from the black market. The effects of technology and ethics are hard to predict and are irreversible.

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