The Magnitude of the Revolutionary War

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic the magnitude of the revolutionary war. It can be contended that the mighty British had underestimated the American urge and passion for freedom (The American Revolution Effects).The American militia emerged victoriously and the War came to an end. The first pact between the Americans and the British was the Treaty of Paris, which granted the land and sovereignty over it to the Americans. Subsequently, insecurity and instability surrounded the American economy, and a new society emerged, in which the social mores regarding women, African Americans and Native Americans underwent significant changes. The economic and social status of these groups changed for the better (The American Revolution Effects).In the year 1733, the British government enacted the Molasses Act, which was the basis for the beginning of the uprising. The new act imposed a heavier levy on the import of molasses. The colonies were in the practice of importing molasses from French sugar factories, which were established on the West Indian islands. Molasses was a byproduct of sugar production that constituted the chief ingredient in making rum, by the distillers of New England. The rum produced by the distillers was consumed by the local people. In addition, these distillers exported the rum to other nations in West Africa (Standage).In these African nations, the rum was used as an exchange for procuring African slaves. It was the accepted currency for African masters who sold slaves to the Americans. The business of rum, sugar and slaves was termed the triangular trade. The objective behind the enactment of the Molasses Act was to impose a heavy tax on the import of French molasses, in order to compel the colonists to purchase molasses from British companies. However, this was not to the liking of the colonists, because, British molasses were inferior to French molasses, and British molasses could not be acquired in large quantities (Standage).

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