The National Brain Damage League

1. In collisions, what does the term “G” mean?  2. In general, are moderate head impacts while playing football (or other sports) less dangerous or worrisome than severe head impacts? Why or why not?  3. What are some main points that Naubaum found in his research>  4. About how many concussions occur in high school football players each year? Give a number that includes both reported and unreported concussions. Why would some concussions go unreported?  5. Are “concussions” and “impairments” the same thing? Why or why not?  6. In paragraph 4, the author quotes Eric Nauman as saying, “At first we thought our scanner was broken.” What can you conclude from Nauman’s statement?  7. Write a short summary of the article. (Answer the key points of the article: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How? *Don’t include opinions here*

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