The New Era

Question Set 6: Chapter 22 The New Era1. What merchandising and marketing strategies were employed to encourage mass consumption?2. In what ways did the automobile change the social and cultural landscape of America in the 1920s?3. In what ways did popular culture reshape America?4. What was the “New Woman”? What was so new about her?5. What was the “New Negro” What was so new about them?6. Why did immigration cause so much anxiety in America during the 1920s?7. What was Christian Fundamentalism and how did it differ from the liberal Christianity of the “social gospel”?8. What was the Scopes Monkey trial? In what ways did it represent a regional divide in America?9. What issues led to the rise of the New Klan or Second Klan? In what ways was the New Klan different from the old Klan?

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