The Physiology of Alzheimer’s Disease

creating a thesis and an outline on The Physiology of Alzheimer’s Disease. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Besides the patients of Alzheimer’s medical condition forget the basic skills of caring for oneself because they are mentally disturbed, and they cannot perform any life-support tasks. This overview will analyze the physiology of Alzheimer’s medical condition, as well as the possible methods of prevention and treatment. Further the write will discuss ways of diagnosing the medical condition. Alzheimer’s Disease According to Donna (2011), Patients of Alzheimer’s ailment have a tendency to have packages of a stringy protein interweaved around the heart of the cell bodies of their neurons. The interwoven stringy proteins are made up of Alzheimer’s disease-associated protein (ADAP) (Donna, 2011). The second indication of Alzheimer’s disease is the presence of amyloid plaques that cover the branches of neuron axons. These plaques are globs of proteins that stiffen the axons, and they reduce their working efficiency. An increase in the number of Amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles affect the brain’s ability to recall any past events. Alzheimer’s medical condition is an irrevocable, disease of the brain that gradually destroys the thinking skills of an individual and destroys his memory. The disease renders the patients incapable of performing the basic tasks that maintain human dignity (Donna, 2011). Alzheimer’s medical condition is the most frequent reason for dementia among the aged. Dementia is a medical condition that refers to the failure of cognitive performance of the patient. Dementia renders a patient incapable of thinking, reasoning, remembering and behavioral abilities, to an extent that they cannot attend to their daily chores as usual. Dr. Alois Alzheimer noticed some alterations in a woman’s brain tissues (Donna, 2011). The woman had passed on from a strange mental sickness, which had symptoms of language problems, memory loss, and erratic behavior. The doctor noticed that the brain of the dead woman had Amyloid plaques and neuralfibrillary tangles as well as loss of link between the brain’s nerve cells. People with Alzheimer’s forget their closest friends, children and relatives (Donna, 2011). Besides the patients of Alzheimer’s disease forget the basic skills of caring for themselves because they are mentally disturbed, and they cannot perform any life-support tasks Symptoms and signs The initial sign that suggests that a person could be suffering from Alzheimer’s is memory loss because of cognitive failure. This condition is also referred to as amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI). People with MCI eventually develop to Alzheimer’s (Joanne, 2006). Alterations in cognitive abilities and worse loss of memory are evident in people with mild conditions. Patients experience problems like getting lost on their way home, repeating questions, and inability to handle money, personality and mood changes and poor judgments. At the moderate level of Alzheimer’s medical condition, patients suffer from brain damage in the areas that handle language, sensory processing conscious thought and reasoning. Confusion and memory loss grow worse, and patients experience challenges recognizing friends and family (Joanne, 2006). Further, the patients may behave impulsively, have delusions and hallucinations, and find it difficult to perform complex tasks like wearing clothes.

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