The Process of Hellenization

Provide a 14 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Process of Hellenization. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Seleucus captured Eastern Anatolia and Northern Syria at the Battle of Ipsus where he found a new capital city. Another capital was established in the north of Babylon. The defeat of his rival Corupedion heralded the greatest expansion of the empire. His ambitions to expand his dominions in Europe were thwarted after his assassination by Ptolemy Ceraunus. His successors faced many challenges as repeated wars with Ptolemy II and Celtic invasions prompted them to focus on the West. Some provinces began to assert their independence as a result of their focus towards the West. A brief revival of the empire would begin under Seleucus II’s younger son, Antiochus III the Great. He would spend his term crushing rebellious governors and provinces. The empire would experience disintegration after being defeated by the Romans in 191 BC. The empire would further experience civil wars and strife as rival governors would battle each other. The empire would finally collapse as a result of foreign invasions and rebellions (Sherwin, 1990).The Seleucid Empire comprised a vast empire that spanned from the Aegean Sea to Afghanistan. It had many ethnic groups like Greeks, Persians, Medes, Jews, and Armenians. The rulers of the empire wanted to establish a policy of unity based on the principles of Alexander the Great. This process was called Hellenization which started after Greek cities were built throughout the empire. Many ancient towns and cities were renamed with Greek names. Many Greeks immigrated to various parts of the empire because of the problems of overpopulation in Greece. Colonization of the parts of the empire was an effective tool to advance Greek interests and consolidate their monopoly. This also allowed the assimilation of the different racial and ethnic groups.The native elite also adopted Greek practices and customs in order to enhance their public status. The ruling Macedonian elite also embraced many local traditions. Hellenistic ideas&nbsp.rapidly expanded over a period of two hundred and fifty years into the Middle East and Central Asian cultures. Many cities were established for trade and commerce.

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