The Quest for Energy and Environmental Destruction

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on quest for energy and environmental destruction. With industrialization came new machinery and it all required the usage of energy resources which included oil and coal. Trees were cut down for setting up industries and also for the energy that could be obtained from wood. With these discoveries, mankind did indeed move ahead and progress, but what was not considered was the impact all this had on the environment. Thus it was this quest for energy, goods and the attainment of luxuries that the environment was put on a stake and this resulted in altering the normal mechanisms and functioning of the ecological system (Goudie 2000). Environmental problems have had a negative effect on both a global and local scale due to exhaust fumes from vehicles, factory emissions, cigarette smoking and the burning of waste and these problems would be discussed in detail in this essay (Goudie 2000 & Cooper 2001).The energy production leads to the formation of waste matter in the form of solid waste which needs to be disposed and this can lead to environmental issues. The dumping of solid waste onto land can have many consequences. When solid waste is dumped in landfills, it leads to increased dust and unpleasant smell in the environment. It also harbors microorganisms as well as other gases that are produced from here. These include landfill gases which are methane and carbon dioxide as well as other gases as well as exhaust gases which are emitted due to the combustion of the landfill gases. These gases include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide. Increased quantities of carbon dioxide and methane can be harmful to the environment as they promote global warming. On the other hand carbon monoxide can affect the normal respiration in human beings the other gases are also harmful. These gases can also result in contaminating the soil as they are acidic in nature and hence they can serve to decrease the pH of the soil making it more acidic in nature.

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