The Role of Political Actors in the Shaping of Authoritarian Regimes

Write a 1500 word paper answering; Most of the world’s nation-states can be seen to gradually be losing some of the nearly authoritarian regulatory control that they have previously been enjoying over their country’s economy as well as the most sovereign authority that been afforded to them and had been traditionally wielded over all their citizens. Most of the conceptions of social integration and nationhood are increasingly facing a challenge from the modern developments of information and identities as well as the transnational flow of ideas. Habermas (2001), postulates that the postnational constellation helps in the posing of some fundamental questions surrounding aspects such as popular sovereignty, economic regulation, national integration, and social protection.While most attempts at democratization at the national level have been mainly concentrated on attempts by the various governments to try and directly engage their country’s citizenry in a raft of developmental projects and some relatively large-scale essentially state-driven reform projects designed to help in the trying to build up participation in the newly emerging governance institutions. it should be noted that the wider global level, the role of causing political reforms in most of the authoritarian governmental systems has mainly been speared by the global civil society and social movements. The role played by the two players has been crucial in the overall promotion of political openings in most of the world’s authoritarian societies as well as in the driving of the perpetual spread of human rights globally. Some of these political openings and human rights drives can be seen to have taken the form of several indigenous movements in Latin America and the Arab Spring across parts of the Arab Muslim world. These have served as important examples of how popular contention can aid in the transformation of&nbsp.political systems and development.Civil society can fundamentally be seen to refer to the zone of voluntary and associative life that is designed to be beyond both clan and family association but separate from not only the market, but also the state.

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