The Strategic Management of Human Resources

Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: The strategic management of human resources. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This paper investigates the implementation of strategic human resource management (SHRM) integrating with the scope of linkages between SHRM and Corporate Strategy Process. To demonstrate the integration of SHRM and corporate strategy process, the strategic integration framework of Golden and Ramnujam (1985) has considered as a base and evidence has been drawn from both global and UK corporate houses. The out6comes should provide support to the momentum for the HRM activity to accomplish an enhanced level of strategic integration with the corporate planning process. Evidence also supports that after integration HRM activities within the companies have gained a strategic status inside the business planning process.Yeung, A., & Brockbank, W., (1995) mentioned that a very important output of the planning process is a strategy for an organization. The term strategy refers to what managers want the organization to accomplish. A strategy positions the organization in a particular place in the organization’s environment. On the other hand, human resource management (HRM) is the management function that deals with recruitment, placement, training, and development of organization members. So, we can define strategic human resource management as the management process that involves an organization engaging in strategic planning and then acting on those plans by utilizing human resources to get better output and thus any organization meet its goals. Managers always remember that the most important resources are the people who supply the work, talent, creativity, and drive to the corporate strategy process.The Role of Strategic Management with the Corporate Strategy Process:Stephen, T, (1998) added that the corporate Strategy is the broad program for defining and achieving an organization’s objectives, the organization’s response to its environment over time. Basically, administrative tasks needed to put the strategy into practice. The management process that involves an organization engaging in strategic planning and then acting on those plans is known as strategic management. Strategic management provides a disciplined way for managers to make sense of the environment in which their organization operates, and then to act. In broad terms, two phases are involved:1. Strategic planning is the name we customarily give to the sense-making activity. This includes both the goal setting and the strategy-formulation processes that Hofer, C. W. Schendel, D., (1978) distinguished.2. Strategy implementation is the name we customarily give to actions based on that kind of planning. This stage includes Hofer, C. W.

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