The U.S. Bureau of the Census

This assignment introduces you to the information on the U.S. Bureau of the Census.  The four (4) paragraphs you will need to write should be in good English with proper spelling and punctuation.  This assignment fulfills the Critical Thinking Skills and the Personal Responsibility Core Objectives.Write one (1) paragraph that summarizes the five (5) pieces of information listed below for the United States of America.B. Then, write one (1) paragraph that summarizes the five (5) pieces of information listed below for the state of Texas.C. Write a third paragraph about how you think the ethnic/racial diversity in Texas affects its public policy and politics.  For example, how will elections be affected?  Or who will be elected to the state legislature?  Or what public policies (for example, K-12 education or health care) will be affected?Finally, given the large and growing Hispanic population in Texas and other states, write a fourth (4th) paragraph about whether you (and your children) have the personal responsibility to learn at least conversational Spanish.  This means that you first look up two (2) websites, one (1) in favor of bilingualism and one (1) for learning English only.  Then you must present your own position.  What is your ethical argument for your position?To do this assignment:1. Go to the website. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)  Go to “QuickFacts.” To obtain statistics for the USA, click on “Quickfacts” without selecting a state. To obtain statistics for Texas, select Texas from the drop-down menu.Look up percentages for the five (5) items listed below for both the USA and Texas:   1. The total 2010 population.2. The most recent total population estimate and give the year of the estimate.3. The percent white (non-Hispanic) persons and give the year of the estimate.4. The percent Hispanic/Latino persons and give the year of the estimate.5. The percent Black Persons (African Americans) and give the year of the estimate.

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