The US Hegemony in Asia

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Chinese Navy Expansion and the US Hegemony in Asia. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. This thesis will employ a China-centric approach, classical strategic literature and strategic trends analyzed to uncover the grand strategy that China has and other clues that may indicate hegemonic ambitions. These findings will then be corroborated with an analysis of current-day events.The key research question of the thesis is. will China’s economic rise lead to increasing hegemonic tendencies? Several secondary questions are posed to be able to answer this question. The first question is what characteristics point to a state with hegemonic tendencies? This will form the basis with which China’s past and present actions and policies could be studied. The next questions are. has China stated hegemonic intentions implicitly or explicitly and does China’s actions post-1978 suggest hegemonic tendencies? These two questions will provide a China-centric insight of the analysis while grounding it to reality at the same time. The last question that is required to argue the thesis is whether it is likely that a hegemonic strategy emerges to be or continues to be the technique used by China’s leadership in the next twenty to thirty years. Tertiary questions related to the investigation of China’s intentions are whether or not there are historical precedents for a hegemonic China and if so, what are the tendencies of a hegemonic China like?Robert Gilpin explained a hegemonic state to be a single powerful state that dominates or is in control or lesser status in the system (Robinson, 1996, pp. 82-128). While a hegemonic state is often imperialistic, there are different ways that a state arrives at its position of power. Military force needs not be used by a hegemonic state to establish a position of power (Schmitt, 2009, pp. 127-162). However, military superiority is often a characteristic of a hegemonic state. For example, many scholars concur with the opinion that the United States of America is a&nbsp.hegemonic country as much as its influence is not mainly derived from military conquests.

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