The Use of Microdermabrasion for Acne

The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The result of any research is only as good as the data which are employed to arrive at the conclusion. Lloyd’s data set is very insufficient to support the efficacy of microdermabrasion as an acne treatment. Twenty four patients alone cannot adequately represent the population of acne patients. The number of variables should be increased in order to report a more accurate outcome to at least 100.There is also a problem with the composition of the data set. The study is initially participated by 25 patients, six of whom are male and 19 are female. It can be argued that Lloyd must employ an equal proportion of male and female patients because it is possible that the process of microdermabrasion is more favorable to female patients but is detrimental to male. Having outnumbered the male subjects, the research can give the misleading conclusion that in general regardless of gender microdermabrasion is effective for the treatment of acne.B. In any research, the generation of accurate results is highly linked to the methodology that is chosen and utilized by the researcher. In Lloyd’s study, acne patients continue their medication even during the microdermabrasion procedure which obscures the real effects of microdermabrasion. Since the subjects are under dermatologic care the efficacy of the procedure under consideration cannot be separated from the results of the medication. As recognized at the end of the study, a control group should be utilized in order to validate the conclusion because the improvements could have been solely attributed to prescription drugs. It should be noted that 96% of the patients are applying topical retinoid which also eliminates acne and promotes skin renewal. Another alternative would be for the patients to stop their acne medication while undergoing the microdermabrasion process.C. In Lloyd’s study, the results have been accessed through the opinion of a doctor and two nurses who studied the before and after pictures of the acne patients. This type of examination is inappropriate because it only takes into account the effects of the microdermabrasion process on the outer layer of skin. It should have been more appropriate if the patients are studied individually in order to really assess if the process is able to reverse the secretion of oil glands which causes acne. Another better assessment method will be waiting for about a year to determine if the peeling process is beneficial for acne patients in the long run.

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