Theory for Educational Institutions

You are provided with the opportunity to analyse a challenging case using the concepts and theories that you have learnt in sessions 4 – 7 (attached files). The case should involve either ONE of the following: ➢ Resolution of a school culture-related conflict ➢ Leading an organizational change that requires substantial organizational learning Please organize your response under the following headings (It is MANDATORY that you organize your submitted tasks under the following four headings in bold-face.):a. Describing the case: Develop a real / synthetic / hypothetical case* that illustrates the events that lead to the emergence of the conflict / the need to change, and what happens in the midst of the process of the conflict / change (Suggested length: 300 – 400 words)b. Identifying the challenges#: Identify the challenges that are to be undertaken by the administrator in the case, with particular attention to the perspectives (and feelings) of the key players involved in the case (Suggested length: 450 – 600 words)c. Addressing the challenges#:Formulate a plan which outlines the actions that should be taken by the administrator, and the expected responses of other parties involved in the conflict / change (Suggested length: 450 – 600 words)d. Highlighting new insights gained: State the insights that you have developed through this case study, and explain how these direct your future actions as a school administrator (Suggested length: 300 – 400 words )* Students with less administrative experience might find case development difficult. They might develop their case on the basis of a PUBLISHED CASE in academic book or journal (e.g. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership), or one that is available online e.g. those by Harvard-Kennedy School. However, when you are developing the case on the basis of published materials, pleasure ensure that you have fulfilled the following requirements:- You have to adapt the case to make the case understandable in the Chinese cultural context (or the particular cultural context for cases about international schools in the Chinese communities).- You have to acknowledge the source of the original case. tryst# It is highly suggested that you use the concepts and theories that you have learnt extensively (yet appropriately) in parts b and c of your response to allow an informed problem analysis and solving to be performed.

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