Thomas Friedman on the Flattening of the World

Create a 18 pages page paper that discusses thomas friedman on the flattening of the world. A similar shift of perception is required from countries, companies, and people in believing that the world is round, not flat – figuratively, at least – if they opt to become competitive in a global market where regional, historical, and geographical divisions are increasingly becoming irrelevant. Friedman’s recounts of a journey to Bangalore, India are significant to mention in this paper, as he realized how tremendous globalization has changed core economic concepts (Bass, 2005). Globalization is suggested to have created a playing field in which the world is flattened, thereby allowing all participants to level off with one another and participate equally in the global market. He suggests that the world is “flat,” in a manner where competitive playing fields are levelled between industrial and emerging markets, which is a product of a convergence of workflow software and of a personal computer with a fiber-optic micro cable (ibid). He further termed this period Globalization 3.0, as differentiated from Globalization 1.0 in which the main protagonists were countries and governments, and Globalization 2.0 in which global integration is led by multinational companies (Friedman, 2005).In this paper, the two world flatteners that will be discussed are outsourcing and offshoring, which Friedman includes in his book, The World is Flat as two of the ten aspects/factors for global market change in the globalization trend.Friedman argues that outsourcing, which means, “certain tasks go elsewhere,” allows companies to split their service and manufacturing activities into components, each of which working in the most efficient and cost-effective manner (Friedman, 2005). Outsourcing refers to the use of resources outside an organization, which generally delegates non-core activities to an external identity (White and Tastle, 2006).&nbsp.

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