Tight Control in Beverage Operation

Customer satisfaction is a measure of how company products or services meets or exceed the expectation of the customer. For most businesses, it is viewed as the main performance indicator for an operating and is a component of a balanced scorecard. Therefore, customer satisfaction has increasingly become an essential component of a good business strategy. On the other hand, operational ease is a smooth running of the organizational process with ease in achieving the set goals. However, the policies favoring both ease of operation and customer satisfaction are always at odd with the policies favoring tight operation control and vice versa. Conversely, this has created a paradox in these arguments (R11). Therefore, the paper seeks to discuss three operational elements where tight control can affect customer satisfaction and operational ease and vice versa.Many organizations have policies and procedures that govern all its operations in service delivery to its customers. These policies and procedures ensure ease of operation and customer satisfaction. However, there may be elements of operation within a company where tight control affects customer satisfaction and the operational ease. For customer satisfaction, important operations elements must be put in place. However, in case of a tight control of these operations, both customer satisfaction, and operational ease may be affected. For instance, good service, right strategy application, and beverage expertise are good examples of operational practices that enhance a smooth operational ease. If these operational practices are taken care of appropriately, customer satisfaction would also be achieved (Slack & Stuart 28). The operational practice, therefore, improves efficiency and visibility hence enhancing profitability, competitive advantage, and customer service.Expertise in a beverage is an essential component that enhances operational ease and customer satisfaction. For a beverage company to achieve these, a team of experts of beverage should be in charge of handling the business. Operations and supply chains needs should guide these operations. These include technology and software selection, network design for the supply chain, and management of the workforce. These strategies need to be regulated depending on the customer needs and expectations in order to maintain customer satisfaction (Tamime 24). However, if a tight policy control is put in place without considering the customer needs, the satisfaction of the customers may be affected. In addition to that, operations control policies should be flexible and ensure that there is ease of operation. Ease of operation among the beverage company employees ensures the production of the high-quality beverage.Secondly is the application of the right strategy for solution provision when conducting the market research. Market research is important as it helps to understand the market base and customer need on the ground. Beverage products are consumed directly by customers hence the need to understand their needs. To the contrary, whenever a tight control policy is imposed on these strategies, it may be misleading and may never give the desired impression that would give results (R 31). For many beverage companies, tight operational control has led to customer dissatisfaction. Not only do customers get dissatisfied but the operational ease among the staff of the beverage company is also affected.Finally, service delivery is an essential component to customer satisfaction and a great extent ensures a smooth operational ease. From the operations point of view, tight control in service delivery is many negatively affect customer satisfaction (Slack & Stuart 33). The obvious outcome is that, whenever customers are not satisfied, it means that ease of operations is also affected and need to be in check. Therefore, before implementing any tight operational control, the outcome is essential and should be rectified. Once this done, it would ensure customer satisfaction and ease of operation.Works CitedR, Hu. Observing and Registering Emotional Satisfaction of Customer Contacts for Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty. Amsterdam: Amsterdam U, 2007. Print.Slack, Nigel, and Stuart Chambers. Operations Management. 6th ed. Harlow, England: Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2010. Print.Tamime, A. Y. Cleaning-in-place: Dairy, Food and Beverage Operations. 3rd ed. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Pub., 2008. Print.

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