Tools for Analysis

If you haven’t already done so, reading Reading History, “Tools for Analysis” – you should take a look. One of the most difficult aspects of practicing history is not necessarily the interpretation of sources (though that can be difficult), but the problem of source corroboration – the knowledge gained by putting two or more sources in conversation with each other. In terms of the time-period we are looking at right now and the project period questions we are trying to answer, evaluating what the historical “reality” is demands that we put sources into conversation with one another. Each source comes from a different perspective. Each source has its own “truth” so to speak. But each source is not really talking about the same thing, but a perspective on the moment. To put them in conversation with one another is to evaluate what each offers in terms of understanding the past, AND evaluating how each source is different. Many sources may provide very different views of the past, but that does not necessarily mean that one is wrong and the other is right. Each source DOES NOT try (in most cases) to represent the whole reality of a moment, but just one sliver. Our job is to evaluate what each source is telling us, and corroborate that with what the other sources tell us, and construct an understanding of the past that incorporates the varying viewpoints. Requirements Choose any of the Primary Sources listed in relation to Chapter 2: Click Here for the List Answer the prompts below and submit the assignment in the text box. Alternatively you may upload your text document. A minimum of 300 words are required in TOTAL for credit. Prompt What document did you choose and what does the document describe (in your own words)? Given our Project Period Questions, which questions will the document you chose help you with? What activity will it help you answer? Explain.

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