Trait and Skill Aspects of Personality.

The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations, and a reference page. Agreeableness is another personality trait in the Big Five theory stating that these people are friendly, cooperative and even have a strong compassion for others’ cause. Conversely, people who are more distant or in solitary conditions are less agreeable. Agreeableness can be depicted in a person’s sympathetic, kind, appreciative, and affectionate behaviors. Openness to experience There are people who are open to a variety of new experiences. These individuals find joy in them. They have wide interests in new experiences, imaginative, intelligent, and seek originality. In other words, these individuals want to explore their world and learn from it. It is through achieving new experiences they could learn and appreciate the importance of being imaginative or creative along the process. Neuroticism Emotional stability is very important to be measured by a person and including his or her negative emotions. These components are integral parts of neuroticism as a dimension of the Big Five theory. A high neuroticism score in the personality test suggests that a person is highly unstable emotionally and full of negative emotions. Individuals having this trait are found moody and tense. Conscientiousness There are individuals who are reliable and prompt. They are highly organized, thorough, playful and efficient. These individuals have a high level of conscientiousness.

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