Transnational Cinema

Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Meanings of the Term Transnational Cinema, As Well As Its Associated Terms. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Thus, justifiably, the ideological aspects of cinematic representations of religion, cultural myths, and identity in a global context are much prevalent. The incoming research will explain the meanings of the term transnational cinema, as well as its associated terms.There are multiple theories that are continued to revolve around the transnational cinema. Given that the studies of globalization under the umbrella of cultural studies have paid little attention to global complexity and structural contingency, there are viable theories of the contemporary world to provide a systematic comprehension of the structure of the world. However, such authors insist that there is a need to shift to single world order, for example, capitalism, imperialism, and new media systems. In essence, globalization is not an issue happening behind human backs but one that converges conceptions. Thus, it is significant to understand the concept of globalization given the nature of the transnational cinema.Theories, for instance, universalism and particularism are not seen as totally separate and opposing tendencies. In relation to transnational cinema, both the named methods are tied together as part of the globe broad nexus. Reflectively, contemporary globalization happens to be a form of institutionalization two-fold process involving the universalization and particularism. These theories explain complex ideologies, for example, global-human concreteness. This is a wider idea of the international dispersal and appeal of the idea of nationalism.The idea of transnationalism is therefore oriented from the concept of universalism followed by particularism. Given that, human beings are in dire need of immediate solutions, to humankind’s problems films act as revelations of what actually happens. For example, an anthropological model for a community argues that human beings need to solve issues globally.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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