Treatment Plan

The FINAL TREATMENT/INTERVENTION RESEARCH PAPER will be ten (10) double spaced content pages in length (no shorter and no longer 10 content pages), with eight (8) references. The content page length WILL NOT include the cover page, the abstract or the reference pages.Topics that you can discuss in your FINAL TREATMENT/INTERVENTION RESEARCH PAPER (you can only select One [1] topic):? STRESS: Career Stress: Family Stress: Financial Stress; Organizational Stress; Student Stress; Technology Stress OR Vicarious Stress Techniques? CRISIS: Crisis Intervention; Critical Incidents; Witnessing Death; Disaster and Recovery; Loss or Divorce; Retirement; Phase of Life; OR Witnessing Trauma? COPING: Intrapersonal Coping (Self-Care); Interpersonal Coping Skills; Negative Coping Approaches; Positive Coping Approaches; Resiliency; Coping Support Systems OR General Coping Skills/StrategiesFORMATTING: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 2020, 7th edition research style  is REQUIRED, i.e., cover page, page numbering, in-text citations, main headings (centered and in bold font), sub-headings, as needed (left margined in bold font), and references (on its own separate page). DO Submit as a WORD document only. Do Not submit as a PDF.ORGANIZATION: Submit your highest quality/best quality workUNICHECK SCORE: Less than 15 %SPELLING/GRAMMAR/PUNCTUATION: appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation. DO proofread three times before submission and use SpellCheck. ONE TIME SUBMISSION ONLY.RELEVANCE/IMPLICATIONS FOR SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE: Please include information from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of EthicsYour FINAL TREATMENT/INTERVENTION RESEARCH PAPER GRADING MATRIX:1. How well were textbook, workbook, theories, skill and research knowledge included and well referenced in APA style?2. Was there an evidence informed practice approach?3. Was the theory comprehensive and substantial?4. Were the described interventions, selected from the textbook and workbook, appropriate for the selectedissues/concerns?5. Did the paper identify, discuss, and support, with literature sources, along with issues – such as professionalvalues and ethics, diversity and social justice, from your model? How well was this described?6. Did the paper demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and mastery of the professional knowledgeappropriate for a graduate level paper? Was it well written, organizaed and presented in a professional style, with no spelling or grammatical errors, and with a cover sheet attached?

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